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It's the right time to make someone you love, happy.

It's been one hell of a year. A lot of us have been separated and forced to spend time apart from the ones we truly love spending time with. None of us could foresee such a circumstance. It's unusual. It's stressful. It's painful.
Whoever it may be you're longing for. A family member in the same city who you catch up with every weekend. That chuddi-buddy who's always up for an evening chai. Your parents whom you visit every summer. Or that special one who you truly belong with.
It's been hard. But you're not alone. Times like these remind us that relationships are the single most important thing in our lives. We live for the connections we share with our closest human beings. We live to create memories with them. Share stories of 'remember when's' and make plans to travel to that gorgeous place that you saw on an Instagram post.
We tend to drown ourselves with 'work'. Work that usually doesn't concern us. We try to find meaning in the pursuit of fame and substantial income, in the hope that someday we're going to be happy when we've made it. When in truth, the happiness we seek is right here, in us and the relationships we hold closest to us. Cherish the little moments. Laugh at how silly life can be. Remember the ones that stood by you when life hit a dead end.
Show them what you've been missing, show them how important they are in your life. Show them how grateful you are for the times that you recall with warmth in your heart.
My parents often talk about how they exchanged letters during their courtship. How they'd wait weeks for that postman to knock on their door. How wonderful and exciting that moment of peeling the envelope was. There's so much emotion tied into the experience of receiving a letter from that special one. In these fast times of social media and instant texts, we need to find time to make that special one feel special.
Texting was invented to communicate information, not emotion. Written words on paper translate your thoughts seamlessly through your unique style of squiggly lines. Handwritten words carry weight, and are bound to be timeless. A piece of paper that will be treasured for a lifetime, a relic of your true feelings and emotion. It's permanent, and cannot be deleted. It's the most natural way to display your dedication, commitment, conviction, and intention towards somebody. It captures who you were in that moment of time, and what that person means to you. It's a reminder of the love that we hold. It's a reminder that compassion is the only thing in the world that is real. What is worth caring about.
These are times to reinforce faith and reignite love. Show your real ones what they really mean to you. You don't need an occasion to show your love.