Our Story

Hi! I’m Tanisha, Notcoy’s main squeeze. Kartik and I are a brother-sister duo and the co-founders of Notcoy, which resulted from bumping into each other at home a little more than usual during the pandemic. 

Storytime: Sunday nights are when our fam gets together to watch some stand-up comedy on the telly. One night, the comic did a bit about how much he loved receiving greeting cards as a kid. That reminded us of how long it’s been since any of us sent out one of those sappy Hallmark cards. At that point, I hadn’t met any of my friends in months and thought it’d be fun to send them a handwritten note telling them I miss ’em instead of a text. They loved it. So we turned more text messages into greeting cards, added some cute packaging, and put up a website for people to send handwritten messages to somebody they missed. Ngl, I loved writing down the cute notes they shared and mailing them across the country. I really miss doing that, but at one point, it got to so many cards a day, and I still wanted to make other fun things at Notcoy!

Anywho, Kartik’s an architect, and I’ve got a major in marketing, so we obviously NEVER planned on working together. He always says that he wouldn't really have known me if it wasn't for Notcoy. In truth, we’ve become best friends sitting beside each other, designing and bickering about which shade of colour is right for our next product. I also made him learn the lyrics to all my fav Tay Tay songs, which is by far my biggest life achievement.

Work doesn’t really feel like work on most days, mainly because we’re making things for fun. There’s too much noise on the internet telling us how to be and who to become. Here, we’re not coy about keeping it real, so you can happily be your unfiltered self.

We’re both super excited to bring more fun things into your life. Watch this space <3