About Us

Who we are

Notcoy is a design-led lifestyle brand with a fun-loving community of women across the US, Canada, Europe and India. Inspired by a deep love of pop culture and nostalgia, we are a celebration of authenticity. It’s all in the name; being ‘Notcoy’ means diving headfirst into a world where your individuality isn’t just welcomed, it’s celebrated.

  • What we do

    By pouring heart and soul into every detail, we've brought to life a range of daily planners and gratitude journals with playful covers and intuitive layouts. Our design-process is community-driven. We spend most of our time immersing ourselves in design, feedback, and insights from you, ensuring each product evolves to meet your needs.

Why we do it

We strive to ignite the joy that lives within each one of us, kindled through colors, patterns and words. At the core of our brand is a belief that enjoying the little things isn't just a luxury but a pathway to happiness and creativity.

As we grow, our commitment remains unwavering: to nurture a culture rich in authenticity while ensuring that Notcoy remains a space of fun, happiness, and self-expression for all.