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Our Story

Hi! I’m Tanisha, Notcoy’s main squeeze. Kartik and I are a brother-sister duo and the co-founders of Notcoy which we started together in 2020 amidst the pandemic. We started off with greeting cards, all of which are inspired by conversations I have with my friends & fam.

Kartik always says that he’d never really have known me if it weren’t for working together 7 days a week (which I think is quite mean but what he means is that he didn’t know how fun and awesome I am). And in truth, we have become best friends sitting beside each other on our long studio desk, designing and bickering about which color shade is right for the new product. I also made him learn the lyrics of all Tay Tay songs this year which is by far my favourite life accomplishment.

Work doesn’t really feel like work (on most days) mainly because we're making things for fun. We like to keep it real while we help spread the love in these not-so-fun times. There’s too much noise out there on the internet telling us how to be and who to become. Here, we’re not coy about being who we are, so we make things that you can relate to and help you be your unfiltered self.

Anyway, I’m lucky to have someone like my brother manage all the boring biz stuff while all I do is play with colors and keep my Instagram fam updated (i lost a bet so he made me write this).

But seriously, I think we make a great team. We’re complete opposites so we manage to complement each other well (which is kinda cliche) and we’re both super excited to bring in more fun things to your life. Watch this space <3