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Notebook | Oopsy Daisy

Rs. 590.00

Social media makes everyone's life seem so perfect and yada-yada. Oh, you got into Harvard? YAWN. Got an award? Boooooring. Dream vacay in Cancun with you amaaaaaaazing newboi? Give me a break.

It’s okay to bloop. Nobody’s perfect, even though it may seem so sometimes. As long as you learn and grow, cut yourself some slack, say oops, and move on. Life's meant to be lived, your way!

  • 5.75 in. x 8.25 in. | A5 size
  • Hardcover with velvet matte lamination
  • 192 ruled pages
  • 100 GSM acid-free, recyclable paper
  • Pocket on the inside back cover 
  • Satin ribbon placeholder
  • Pen loop 
  • Elastic band closure