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Notcoy: FAQ!


What size are the cards?
All our cards are 11.5 x 15.5 cms ish (kinda bad with numbers)

Do all cards come with an envelope?
DUH! We’re not catfishing.

Can I send a card directly to someone?
Of course! Just enter their details at checkout as the shipping address. We can also include a custom handwritten message too!
(Enter your message in the text box on the product page)
How do I make sure my card reaches someone on a specific date?
Unfortunately we can’t ensure that for now. But, you can send your card early and we’ll put a note with a date for them to open it!
(Type in the said date in the same text box where you added your handwritten message)

Does a handwritten message & "Open on (date)" note cost extra?
Nah! We’re nice like that.

Can I send cards to different addresses in the same order?
You can only add one address per order, so to ship to another address, please place a new order!

Can I add multiple units of the same card to my bundle of 5?
Yes, you can customise your bundle of 5 however you want to!



What are the collage kits?
Our collage kits are a set of HD photo prints, curated around a fun theme! They’re a perfect DIY way to decorate your space on a budget.
What’s included in the collage kit?
Your chosen set of HD photo prints in a cute little box!
How to put up the collage kit?
We recommend using masking tape, roll up the tape piece and place it onto the back of the photo (on all four corners) and stick it to the wall!
Please don’t use double sided tape, that’ll make your mom really mad.
How do I arrange my collage?
You can get as creative as you wanna or just look up our Instagram for some inspiration!



Do you accept returns?
We don’t accept returns unless the product gets damaged in transit. In the case, please reach out to us within 24 hours of receiving your delivery.
How long does shipping take?
Shipping can take anywhere between 3-7 days depending on your location (Sunday is not a shipping day). Don’t worry, it'll be worth the wait!
Is COD available?